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Install Nagios 4 CentOS 7 / RHEL 7


Install Nagios 4 which is an enterprise open source monitoring system.
1) Install and start Apache httpd, refer to here.
2) Install PHP, refer to here.
3) Install Nagios.
Also Install basic plugins to monitor nagios server itself.

# install from EPEL

yum install epel-release
yum update
yum --enablerepo=epel -y install nagios nagios-plugins-{ping,disk,users,procs,load,swap,ssh,http}

guess_linux_install_nagios1 guess_linux_install_nagios2

# add nagios admin user password

htpasswd /etc/nagios/passwd nagiosadmin

guess_linux_install_nagios4 guess_linux_install_nagios5
New password: # which password you want for nagios
Re-type new password:
Adding password for user nagiosadmin

systemctl start nagios
systemctl enable nagios
systemctl restart httpd



Access to the “http://(Nagios server’s hostname or IP address)/nagios/” server and authenticate with the Nagios admin user “nagiosadmin” to login.

guess_linux_install_nagios7 guess_linux_install_nagios8

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